Filling Pool with Well Water

Filling Pool with Well Water: Read This Before You Fill Your Pool

Filling your pool with water from the well requires a lot of testing and treating to ensure that the filter can clean your facility properly. Well water is not the same as that from the municipality.

It contains more metals and ions, making filters and pumps work harder when cleaning your pool. That’s why you need to know how to fill your pool with well water the right way.

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Two Filling Options

You can decide to fill this water from two main options.

  • Direct water from the well – Homes without municipal water can quickly fill their pool from the well. That is very easy if the water has no issues – meaning it is not discolored, cloudy, or smelly. Because of that, you might need to treat the pool after filling it using chemicals.   
  • Well water coming via a softener system – You can decide to attach a water softener to clean the water before it reaches your pool. 

Testing Your Well Water

You might need to check the water to find out how you will treat it. Below are the things that you will need and the step to follow.

Items Required 

  • Garden hose
  • Biocide 
  • 5-gallon bucket

Steps to Follow

  1. Fill the bucket with water from the well and add biocide. You can buy this product from your local store and follow the instructions on the packaging. 
  2. Wait for five to ten minutes. The water contains a lot of ions if it turns brown or green. Using a cartridge filter won’t remove this metal – you will need a sand filter.
  3. Connect the hose to the tap nearest to the well pump. You can also connect to a faucet inside your house.
  4. Place the open end of the hose inside your pool. Turn the water on and make sure that it remains in the pool. 
  5. A small pool will take about 24-hour to fill while a large one will take 48-hour. 
  6. Now your pool is filled with well water.

If possible, take a sample of the water from the well to your local pool supply center to be tested. That will get the doubt out about how sufficient the water is for your pool.

Treating Your Pool

The right chemical can purify your pool once it gets filled with well water. Here are some of the things that you should do:

  • Test pH and Chlorine – Use a 4-way test strip that shows alkalinity, free chlorine, and pH.
  • Adjust pH – Use muriatic acid to decrease pH or soda ash to increase it.
  • Adjust alkalinity – Add sodium bicarbonate to increase it or baking soda or add muriatic acid to decrease it.
  • Adjust free chlorine – Add liquid chlorine to raise it or sprinkle granular chlorine neutralizer to reduce it.
  • Remove metals – You should add a sequestering (chelating) agent to your facility to help dissolve the ion and other metals. Then vacuum the rust from your pool.

Final Words

It is more affordable to fill your pool with well water than using the municipal one. However, you will need to test and treat the pool afterward.